CORI v4 Screenshots

Below are a few screenshots from CORI v4 endoscopy reporting software.

Home Page

CORI Home Page
After logging into CORI v4 you are greeted with the home screen. At the top
you see the navigation bar allowing you to move around the application. From
here you can also change your password and your electronic signature.

Colonoscopy Module – Preprocedure Section

Colonoscopy Preprocedure
The colonoscopy module has several screens including the preprocedure
screen shown above. Information can be entered before the procedure is
started, such as procedure personnel, consents, ASA category and other information.

Colonoscopy Module – Findings Screen

Colonoscopy Findings
Another screen in the colonoscopy module is the findings screen. You are able to click on
the diagram and record a finding, or you can specify a finding for a region of the
diagram by highlighting as shown above in yellow.

EGD Module – Findings Screen

EGD Findings
Different procedure modules have different findings. Similar to the colonoscopy
module, the EGD module contains a findings screen that allows you
to can select a point or a region in order to record a finding.