CORI v4 Key Features and Benefits

Matching the speed of dictation with the ease of point-and-click operation, the CORI v4 Endoscopic Reporting Software is a specialty Electronic Health Record with features surpassing other endoscopic reporting systems.

Customized Reports

The CORI v4 Endoscopic Reporting Software creates customized reports for endoscopic and non-endoscopic procedures including:

  • Colonoscopy
  • EGD
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy
  • Endoscopic ultrasound
  • ERCP
  • Capsule endoscopy
  • Motility studies
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Non–endoscopic procedures, e.g., liver biopsy, paracentesis, esophageal dilation.

Both adult and specialized pediatric modules are available for all procedure types except non-endoscopic procedures.

Images Captured on Report

The CORI v4 Endoscopic Reporting Software can import images from the most popular image management systems, and incorporate these pictures directly onto your report. CORI currently accepts images from any system which uses HL7 messaging.

Point & Click Findings

The CORI v4 Endoscopic Reporting Software uses a unique method to 'draw' your findings directly upon an anatomical representation of the digestive system – with a few mouse clicks, you can indicate the exact location of the finding, or shade an entire region, and provide great detail about the finding's description, diagnosis, and therapies used.

One more click, and the corresponding endoscopic image is included in the report next to the text describing your finding. By choosing a diagnosis for the finding, the associated ICD-9-CM code can be included in your report for improved ease of billing.

Instant Output

Your procedure report is available immediately – no waiting for dictation turnaround and review. You are able to view your PDF reports from CORI. With a color laser printer, your images can be viewed directly on the report at a fraction of the cost of printing to a MaviGraph. In addition, your report can be sent to referring providers or your Electronic Medical Record at the touch of a button.

  • Fax directly to referring providers from the CORI system
  • Copy the report to the clipboard to paste into other documents
  • Interface with any HL7 compatible Electronic Medical Record or ADT system

Reporting Plus

The CORI v4 Endoscopic Reporting Software provides you with a variety of supplementary reports, including more than 50 Quality Reports. Examples include:

  • Referral letters
  • Patient follow-up letters
  • Patient discharge instructions
  • Pathology results letter
  • Complications reports
  • Physician activity reports
  • Instrument usage reports
  • Sedation medications usage reports
  • Patient registries - list patients by indication, findings, physician

Pathology Integration

Information from pathology reports can be integrated directly into your endoscopic report, providing improved accuracy and ease of use for the busy physician.

  • Import pathology reports from HL7-compliant systems or scan and import pathology reports
  • Extract relevant diagnostic phrases from your reports, for detailed analysis
  • Easily send custom pathology results letters to the patient and referring physician

Secure by Design

The CORI v4 Endoscopic Reporting Software is designed to meet state-of-the-art security requirements. From extensive role-based authentication and access controls to industrial-strength network communication protocols to system logging, security of your data is a top priority. Data that is sent to the NED has most identifiers removed, but is still treated as identifiable data, so all handling of your research data meets HIPAA requirements.