CORI Excellence Reports Tutorial

Welcome to the Excellence Reports Tutorial. This tutorial demonstrates how to log in; run reports; create, join and manage groups; compare individual, group and national quality measures data; and print results.

Excellence Reports Overview

CORI's quality measure program, Excellence Reports, is available for all consortium members. A link to Excellence Reports is available from the CORI v4 home page. This project was originally funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to measure quality measures for endoscopy. The Excellence Reports allows practitioners to learn about their performance on selected quality measures, and to benchmark against their group or all CORI users. Current measures are for adult colonoscopy, including average withdrawal time, cecal intubation rate, adequate bowel prep, and polyp detection and removal rates, with more to be added. Provider's data is confidential, and each provider controls who can see their data.

How To Access Your Excellence Reports

CORI v4 Home Page Screen Shot

After logging into CORI v4, click the "Excellence Reports" link on the Home Page. By default, this secure login allows the user to see individual quality measure information belonging only to them. For CORI v4 users that do not have an endoscopist role, such as a nurse or tech, no individual data is available for display. Any CORI v4 user, even non-endoscopists, can be granted permission to see other's data.

Navigate to the different sections of the Excellence Reports website by clicking on the links at the top right of the webpage. On the Home page, set report parameters; the Sharing page provides controls over who can see your data; and Groups is where the user can create and manage groups of users. Be sure to Logout at the end of your secure session.

How To Generate An Excellence Report

Excellence Reports Home Screen shot

The Home page is defaulted as the first page you will see upon login. To navigate back there from another page, click "Home" at the top right of the webpage. To generate a report:

  1. Select a Provider. This is defaulted to the user that is logged in. If you wish to view another provider's results in your report, you must be granted access.
  2. Select a Group. Using the drop down menu, select the group of interest. If you do not wish to compare your data with a group, choose "none selected".
  3. Select a Start Date. Using the drop down menu, choose the month and year you wish your data analysis to begin.
  4. Select a Duration. Using the drop down menu, choose the length of time you wish to analyze.
  5. Click Generate Report Button . The report will be displayed, for example:
Excellence Reports collapsed view screen shot


  • If fewer than 100 colonoscopies were performed by the provider in the time frame indicated, a red colored warning box will appear above the report. For a better measure of performance, return to the Excellence Reports Home screen and select a different time frame with a greater number of procedures.
  • Click on the Plus button to expand the quality measure table. Click minus button to collapse the table.
  • Further details about each quality measure are contained in a PDF, click on the link provided in each expanded measure table to learn more.
  • See Groups for instructions on how to create groups.
Excellence Reports expanded view screen shot

Sharing Results: Requesting and Granting Access

Sharing page screen shot

Click on the "Sharing" link at the top left of the Excellence Reports website. The Excellence Reports default is to keep each provider's data confidential. However, as long as permission is given, it is possible to share data. The Sharing page is where users can request and grant permissions for sharing individual data, view which users can see your data and whose data you can see.

To request access to a provider's data:

Select their name from the drop down menu in the Request Access field, and click Request Access button .

Request Access field

Once you have requested access, the names of the providers will be displayed as "Pending Provider Approval":

Access Request field

To Grant Others Access To Your Own Provider Data:

Select their name from the drop down menu in the Grant Access field, click Grant Access button .

Grand Access field

Groups: Creating, Joining, and Managing

Excellence Groups page screen shot

Click on the "Groups" link at the top right of the Excellence Reports website. This page is where users can create, request to join, view and manage groups.

Create A Group:

  1. Type the name of the group in the "Create Group" text box and click Create group button .
  2. Create group field

    Once the group is created, a screen will appear (below).

  3. Request people from the drop down menu to join the group. Only those at the current site will be listed in the menu.
  4. For each user requested, indicate if you want their data included with the groups. Indicate if they are the Group Manager.
  5. TIPS

    • Non-endoscopist users can be part of a group; they must log in to the Excellence Reports website in order to be displayed in the drop down menu.
    • The Group Manager is the user responsible for managing who is included in the group, it is possible to select the Group Manager from this page.
Group Created screenshot
  1. Once you have requested the users you want in the group, click will print if image does not show .
  2. Notice that back on the Groups page, the group you just created is listed at the bottom under "Groups". To edit the group, click on the name.
Groups field

Join A Group:

  1. Select the name of the group from the drop down list in the "Request to Join Group" box on the Groups page, and click Create group button .
  2. Create group field
  3. You will notice a yellow bar at the top of the screen indicating your request to join the selected group has been sent to the group's manager.
  4. A list of groups pending your participation are displayed in the center of the page. If you wish to cancel the request, you may click Create group button.
Groups field

Manage Your Groups:

The groups you belong to are listed at the bottom of the Groups page. Remove yourself from a group by clicking Create group button.

Groups field

View A Report Including A Group:

View an Excellence Report that compares individual, group and national data. On the Home page, select the group using the drop down menu. Choose the other filters as well. Click Generate Report Button .

Home page with groups screen shot

The report displays individual, group, and national data side by side.

Report with group screen shot


Print Excellence Reports by clicking on File at the top left of the internet browser, then select Print . The printed report will reflect the way the report looks when Print is selected: expanded tables will print fully, and hidden tables will just print the heading.

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