Requesting Data

If you are interested in data from the National Endoscopic Database (NED), you must complete the Data Request Form. If the data is intended for an abstract, manuscript, or grant, allow at least 90 days prior to the submission deadline.

In addition, if the data is intended for an abstract, manuscript, or grant, the pdfPublication Agreement must be signed. Fax this form to CORI Research Services at 503-494-6522.

Data requests intended for publication or a research proposal require approval by the Research Operations Committee. Committee members include GI investigators and epidemiologists who have in-depth knowledge about the data stored in the NED. In this role, they oversee the ongoing research activities to ensure they represent proper research methodology and possess scientific merit.

Proposals will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Feasibility – can data derived from the NED address the research question?
  • Conflicts – is there a conflicting study by other CORI participants?
  • Cost – what is the estimated cost to CORI for performing the study?
  • Database changes – what, if any, database changes will be needed to acquire data?
  • Consent – will patient consent be required to complete the study?
  • Pilot Data – does the investigator need pilot data for the project submission?

CORI research analysts will work with you to develop your proposal prior to review by the Research Operations Committee. If approval is granted, the analyst will continue to work with you through the entire project. Although their primary role is to provide the data for your project and perform the statistical analysis, the analyst can also help you with statistical methods and review of any abstract, manuscript, or presentation that may result from your proposal.

If you have any questions about completing these forms or about the research processes at CORI in general, please contact CORI Research Services by clicking here.