Research Overview

CORI Research supports the needs
of participating physicians

The goal of all research at CORI is to improve the quality of clinical practice in gastroenterology. Physicians participating in the CORI consortium produce GI endoscopy reports using a specialty electronic health record using screens developed to capture the specific details of the procedure. The data elements collected are transferred to the repository and are available for analysis.

CORI supports research efforts of contributing physicians interested in issues related to GI endoscopy. Users may use CORI data for research aimed at publication in peer-reviewed journals or for quality assurance purposes at their practice. Non-CORI investigators may utilize the database for research purposes as well, but fees may be involved. Both types of investigators must follow the data request process and gain approval from the Operations Committee before any research projects may be initiated.

Two distinct types of research projects are conducted. Retrospective research studies us the data already collected in the National Endoscopic Database, and prospective studies involve additional data collection from patients and requires significant additional funding.

CORI data has already been utilized to support many research initiatives. Many of these initiatives have resulted in presentations at premier GI conferences and publications in prominent GI medical journals.

Please visit the publications page for a full listing and PubMed links to articles. You may also view a complete list of DDW and other abstracts presented at national meetings using CORI data.